• Geoprobe 7822, Deeprock 5K drill rig and 2K drill rig – specifically designed for geotechnical and environmental drilling
• Forney Compression Machine – dual range 100,000 and 400,000 capacity

• Humboldt Unconfined Compression Machine – soil laboratory testing
• Nuclear density/moisture gauges – field testing of soils, aggregate and asphalt
• Sieve shaker(Gilson and Soil Test) and Sieves
• Standard and Modified Proctor equipment
• Atterberg testing equipment
• Concrete testing equipment such as air-pressure meters, volumetric air meter, slump cones, scales and thermometers

In order to assure our clients of quality testing services, we maintain a calibration program for control of all measuring and test equiment. Our equipment is calibrated at intervals in general accordance with ASTM standards.

Geotechnical & Construction Materials Testing Consultants